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Section Name
19.11 Allevyn Adhesive (Rectangle) (Pad 10 x 20) 
20 Acapella® 
20 Acetarsol Suppositories  
20 Acetic Acid Solution 3% 
20 Acetylcarnitine 
A5.08.07 Actico® 
A5.03.03 Acticoat  
A5.03.03 Acticoat 7  
19.17 Acticoat 7 15 x 15 
A5.03.03 Acticoat Flex 3 
A5.03.01 Actilite (Honey Dressing) 
A5.03.03 Actisorb Silver 220 
A5.02.04 ActivHeal AquaFiber 
A5.02.04 ActivHeal AquaFiber Rope 
A5.02.05 ActivHeal Foam 
A5.02.01 ActivHeal Hydrogel 
A5.03.01 Activon (Honey) 
A5.03.01 Activon Tulle (Honey Dressing)  
19.15 Activon Tulle (Honey dressing) 10 x 10 
20 Adcon gel 
A2.07 Add-Ins® 
20 ADEK vitamins 
A5.07 Aderma dermal pads 
20 Adrenaline (epinephrine) inhaler  Primatene Mist®
20 ADRENALINE 1:200,000 inj 
A5.02.07 Advadraw  
19.19 Advadraw 10 x 15 
A5.02.07 Advadraw Spiral 
20 Afamelanotide Scenesse®
20 Ajmaline 
A5.03.01 Algivon (Honey Dressing) 
A2.03.02 Alicalm®  
A5.02.05 Allevyn (Tracheostomy) 9 x 9 
A5.02.05 Allevyn Adhesive  
19.11 Allevyn Adhesive (Rectangle) 12.5 x 22.5 
19.11 Allevyn Adhesive Square (Pad 10 x 10) 
19.11 Allevyn Adhesive Square (Pad 15 x 15) 
19.11 Allevyn Adhesive Square (Pad 7.5 x 7.5) 
19.11 Allevyn Adhesive Square 10 x 10 
19.11 Allevyn Adhesive Square 12.5 x 12.5 
19.11 Allevyn Adhesive Square 17.5 x 17.5 
19.11 Allevyn Adhesive Square 7.5 x 7.5  
A5.02.05 Allevyn Non-Adhesive  
20 ALUM Bladder Irrigation 1% 
20 ALUMINIUM ACETATE 8% or 13% ear drops 
20 AMANTADINE Injection 200 mg in 500mL 
20 Amidotrizoates Gastrografin®
20 Aminolevulinic acid (PDT) 
20 Amoxicillin 
20 Amphotericin 500mg in 5ml oral soln 
18 Antivenoms for non-indigenous venomous animals 
20 Antox tablets 
A5.07 Apeel Sterile 
A2.03.01 Aptamil Pepti 1 
A5.02.04 Aquacel  
19.09 Aquacel (Rectangle) 4 x 20 
19.09 Aquacel (Rectangle) 4 x 30 
19.09 Aquacel (square) 10 x 10 
19.09 Aquacel (square) 15 x 15 
19.09 Aquacel (square) 5 x 5 
19.15 Aquacel Ag 10 x 10 
19.15 Aquacel Ag 15 x 15 
A5.03.03 Aquacel Ag flat 
A5.03.03 Aquacel Ag ribbon 
A5.02.04 Aquacel Ribbon 2 x 45 
A5.02.01 Aquaform 8g 
22.02 Aqueous cream BP 
20 Artesunate 
20 Arthroplex® 
20 ASCORBIC ACID Injection 500 mg in 1mL 
20 ASPARAGINASE (MEDAC) Injection 10000 units 
20 Aspirin IV ASPEGIC®
20 Atopiclair 
A5.01.01 Atrauman  
19.01 Atrauman 10 x 20 
19.01 Atrauman 7.5 x 10 
A5.03.03 Atrauman AG 
18 Atropine 
20 Autologous cartilage cells ChrondoCelect®
A2.02.01.02 AYMES Shake 
20 AZATHIOPRINE Capsules 10 mg 
20 AZATHIOPRINE Suspension 50 mg in 5mL 
09.03 Babiven start up 
A2.06.01 Barkat®  
A2.06.01 Barkat®  
A2.06.01 Barkat®  
A2.06.01 Barkat®  
A2.06.01 Barkat®  
A2.06.01 Barkat®  
A2.06.01 Barkat®  
03.02 Beclometasone Qvar®
18 Benzatropine 
20 Benzbromarone 
20 BENZOCAINE 150mg/5ml susp 
20 Betamethasone 
13.04 Betamethasone (as Valerate) 0.1% with Fucidic Acid 2% Fucibet®
13.04 Betamethasone Dipropionate 0.064% with Clotrimazole 1% Lotriderm®
20 BEVACIZUMAB 2.5mg/0.1ml syringe 
A2.06.01 BiAlimenta®  
A5.02.05 Biatain Adhesive 
A5.02.05 Biatain Non- Adhesive 
20 Bicaflac® 
20 Biclinocillin 
20 Biloptin 
20 BISOCODYL 0.274% rectal soln 
20 Boric acid in IMS ear solution 
18 Botulism antitoxin antidote
20 BRILLIANT GREEN 1:500 soln 
20 Bupivacaine 0.1% ,fentanyl 2mcg/ml 50ml 
20 BUPIVACAINE Injection 0.25 % with Adrenaline 1 in 200,000 
20 BUPIVACAINE Injection 0.5 % with Adrenaline 1 in 200,000 
A5.02.02 C View  
19.04 C View 10 x 12 
19.04 C View 15 x 20 
19.04 C View 20 x 30  
06.07.01 Cabergoline 
20 CAFFEINE BASE 10mg/ml 
20 Caffeine Citrate 
18 Calcium chloride 
20 CALCIUM CHLORIDE 14.7% 50ml,100ml 
18 Calcium folinate 
18 Calcium gluconate  
20 CALCIUM GLUCONATE 10% 50ml,100ml 
18 Calcium gluconate gel 
20 Calcium sulfate Stimulan® Rapid Cure
A2.04.01.02 Calisan® 90 
A2.04.01.02 Calogen®  
A2.04.01.02 Calogen® Extra 
A2.04.01.01 Caloreen®  
A2.04.01.02 Calshake®  
A2.03.01 Caprilon 
20 CAPTOPRIL Oral Solution 5 mg in 1mL 
20 CAPTOPRIL Tablets 2 mg 
20 Carbex granules 
18 Carboxypeptidase  Glucarpidase
20 CARNOY'S soln 100ml 
A2.05.02 Carobel, Instant®  
06.07.02 Cetrorelix Cetrotide®
20 CHLORAL HYDRATE mix 1g/5ml 
20 CHLOROTHIAZIDE Tablets 500 mg 
20 Chondroitin 
20 Cidofovir ointment 
20 Cisapride 
A5.07.03 Claripore 
20 Clevidipine  
A5.08.03 Clinifast 
A5.07.03 Clinipore 
A5.02.08 Clinisorb  
19.14 Clinisorb 10 x 20 
A2.02.02.02 Clinutren® Dessert 
20 CLOtest  
12.01.01 Clotrimazole 
20 CoaguChek test strips 
20 COAL TAR BP 20% in YSP 
20 CODEINE PHOSPHATE Suppositories 15 mg,2mg,3mg,6mg 
02.12 Colesevelam Cholestagel®
A2.05.01 Colief®  
20 Collatamp EG sponge 
07.03.01 Combined Hormonal Contraceptives Qlaira®
A5.02.04 Comfeel Plus (thin) Transparent Dressing  
A5.08.03 Comfifast 
A2.02.02.03 Complan® Shake Compound Sodium Lactate Intravenous Infusion 
20 Constrictor rings for erectile dysfunction 
16.01 Copper Sulphate 
A2.03.01 Cow and Gate Pepti-Junior 
20 Crystal Violet 
A2.03.02 Cubitan 
A5.02.03 Cutimed Siltec 
A5.02.03 Cutimed Siltec B 
A5.02.03 Cutimed Siltec L 
A5.03.04 Cutimed Sorbact 
18 Cyproheptadine Periactin®
A2.07 Cystine Amino Acid Supplement 
18 Dantrolene 
20 DAUNORUBICIN saline pre-filled syringe 
A5.07 Debrisoft 
20 DEFIBROTIDE Capsules 400 mg 
20 DEFIBROTIDE Injection 200 mg 
A5.08.03 DermaSilk 
18 Desferrioxamine 
20 Dexamethasone eye injection 
20 Dexmedetomidine Paediatric 
20 DHEA  
A2.04.01.03 Dialamine®  
20 Dialyvit® 
18 Diazepam 
20 DIAZEPAM Suspension 2.5 mg in 5mL 
02.05.01 Diazoxide Eudemine®
20 DIAZOXIDE Suspension 50 mg in 1mL 
20 Dibotermin Alfa, rhBMP-2 Inductos®
18 Dicobalt edetate 
20 DIDANOSINE Liquid 10mg in 1ml (after double dilution) 
A2.06.01 Dietary Specials®  
A2.06.01 Dietry Specials®  
A2.06.01 Dietry Specials®  
A2.06.01 Dietry Specials®  
A2.06.01 Dietry Specials®  
18 Digoxin specific antibody fragments Digifab®
20 DIHYDROERGOTAMINE Injection 1 mg in 1mL 
20 DILUENT A (XANTHAN GUM 1%) Suspension 1% 
20 DILUENT C susp CAROB BEAN GUM 1% 500ml 
18 Dimercaprol 
20 Diphenylcyclopropenone in acetone  
20 DITHRANOL 0.1% /0.25%,0.5%,1%,2%,4%in lassars paste 
18 DMPS (unithiol) 
18 DMSA (succimer) 
A2.07 DocOmega® 
20 Domperidone 
20 DOXYCYCLINE Injection 100 mg in 5mL 
A5.08.03 DreamSkin 
A5.07.01 Dressit 
A2.04.01.02 Duobar®  
A2.04.01.02 Duocal®  
A2.04.01.02 Duocal® Super Soluble 
A5.02.04 DuoDERM Extra Thin 
A5.02.04 Duoderm Signal Dressing  
A2.07 EAA® Supplement 
A5.08.02 Easifix K 
A2.07 Easiphen® 
20 Echinacea 
A5.02.03 Eclypse Adherent 
A5.01.02 Eclypse Non-adherent 
20 Elastolabo® 
A2.01.01.02 Elemental 028® Extra 
A2.06.01 Ener-G 
A2.06.01 Ener-G 
A2.06.01 Ener-G®  
A2.06.02 Ener-G®  
A2.06.02 Ener-G®  
A2.06.01 Ener-G®  
A2.06.01 Ener-G®  
A2.04.01.02 Energivit®  
A2.03.01 Enfamil® O-Lac 
A2.04.01.02 Enshake®  
A2.02.02.01 Ensure Plus Savoury 
A2.02.01.01 Ensure®  
A2.02.02.03 Ensure® Compact 
A2.02.02.01 Ensure® Plus Commence 
A2.02.02.02 Ensure® Plus Creme 
A2.02.02.01 Ensure® Plus Fibre 
A2.02.01.02 Ensure® Plus Juce 
A2.02.02.01 Ensure® Plus Milkshake style 
A2.01.02.03 Ensure® Twocal 
A2.02.02.01 Ensure® Plus Yoghurt style 
15.01.02 Entonox® 
20 Eprodisate disodium 
20 Eptotermin Alfa  Osigraft®
18 Ethanol (alcohol) injection 
20 ETHIONAMIDE Tablets 250 mg 
18 European Viper Venom Antivenom 
20 EVEROLIMUS Tablets 250 micrograms,750 micrograms 
20 Factor Eight Inhibitor Bypassing Activity FEIBA
02.11 Factor XII 
A2.06.02 Fate®  
20 Fentanyl  Ionsys®
20 Fentanyl and Suxamethonium pre drawn up kits 
20 FERRIC SUBSULPHATE (monsel's soln) 50ml 
A2.02.02.01 Fesubin® Thickened 
20 Fibrin Sealant Evicel®
20 Fibrin Sealant Tisseel®
09.01.06 Filgrastim Ratiograstim®
A2.06.01 Finax®  
A5.03.04 Flaminal Forte Gel 
A5.03.04 Flaminal Hydro Gel  
A2.05.03 Flavour Mix®  
A2.05.03 FlavourPac®  
20 FLUCYTOSINE Tablets 500 mg 
18 Flumazenil 
20 FLUNARIZINE 5mg capsules 
13.04 Fluocinolone Acetonide 0.025% Synalar 0.025%®
20 Flutter Device
18 Fomepizole 
A2.02.02.03 Foodlink® Complete 
A2.02.02.03 Foodlink® Complete with Fibre 
A5.08.07 Formflex Natural Lantor- sterile 
A5.08.07 Formflex Natural Lantour- non sterile 
A2.03.02 Forticare®  
A2.02.02.03 Forticreme® Complete 
A2.02.01.02 Fortijuce®  
A2.02.02.02 Fortimel® Regular 
A2.01.03.03 Fortini 
A2.01.03.03 Fortini Multifibre 
A2.02.02.03 Fortisip Compact Protein 
A2.02.02.03 Fortisip® Compact 
A2.02.02.03 Fortisip® Compact Fibre 
A2.02.02.03 Fortisip® Extra 
A2.02.02.01 Fortisip® Yoghurt Style 
A2.02.02.01 Fortisip® Bottle 
A2.02.02.01 Fortisip® Multi Fibre 
A2.02.02.01 Fortisip® Multi Fibre Savoury flavours
A2.02.02.01 Fortisip® Range 
11.03.03 Foscarnet intravitreal injection 
05.01.07 Fosfomycin Fomicyt®
20 FOSFOMYCIN Sachets 3g 
A2.02.02.03 Fresubin Powder Extra 
A2.01.02.02 Fresubin® 1800 Complete 
A2.02.02.03 Fresubin® 2 kcal Drink 
A2.02.02.03 Fresubin® 2 kcal Fibre Drink 
A2.01.02.01 Fresubin® 2250 complete 
A2.04.01.02 Fresubin® 5 kcal Shot 
A2.02.02.03 Fresubin® Creme 
A2.02.02.01 Fresubin® Energy 
A2.01.02.01 Fresubin® Energy 
A2.01.02.01 Fresubin® Energy Fibre 
A2.02.02.01 Fresubin® Energy Fibre 
A2.01.02.01 Fresubin® HP Energy 
A2.01.01.01 Fresubin® Original Fibre 
A2.01.01.01 Fresubin® Soya Fibre 
A2.01.02.02 Fresubin® 1000 Complete 
A2.01.02.02 Fresubin® 1200 Complete 
A2.02.01.02 Fresubin® Jucy 
A2.01.01.01 Fresubin® Original 
A2.02.02.01 Fresubin® Protein Energy Drink 
A2.05.01 Fructose 
A2.07 GA Gel® 
20 GABAPENTIN 6% topical 
20 Gas Gangrene Antitoxin Gelatin Gelofusine®
A2.03.02 Generaid®  
A2.03.02 Generaid® Plus 
A2.06.01 Genius Gluten Free®  
20 Giving sets 
20 Giving sets (IV) 
20 Giving sets (IV) 
20 Giving sets (NG) 
A2.06.01 Glebe Farm®  
20 GLIADEL wafer Carmustine 7.6mg 
18 Glucagon GlucaGen® Hypokit
A2.07 Glucose Glucose Intravenous 
A2.06.01 Glutafin Select®  
A2.06.01 Glutafin®  
A2.06.01 Glutafin®  
A2.06.01 Glutafin®  
A2.06.01 Glutafin®  
A2.06.01 Glutafin®  
A2.06.01 Glutafin®  
A2.06.01 Glutafin®  
A2.06.01 Glutafin® Select 
A2.06.01 Glutafin® Select 
A2.06.01 Gluten Free Products 
20 Glycerin 
20 Glycerin and Ichthammol paste 
20 Glycerol dioleate  Episil®
18 Glyceryl Trinitrate 
20 GLYCERYL TRINITRATE Ointment 0.05% 
20 Glycopyrronium  
20 Glycopyrronium tablets Hyperhidrosis
A2.07 Glycosade® 
04.06 Granisetron 
A5.02.04 Granuflex 
A2.07 GSA Anamix® Infant 
20 Haemostatic Agent Willospon®
20 Haemostatic Agent Floseal®
20 Haemostatic Agent Surgiflo® with thrombin
20 Haemostatic Agent 
20 Haemostatic Agent Tachosil®
A2.06.02 Harifen®  
A2.07 HCU Anamix® Infant 
A2.07 HCU cooler® 
A2.07 HCU Express® 
A2.07 HCU gel® 
A2.07 HCU LV® 
A2.03.02 Heparon® Junior 
A2.06.01 Heron Foods®  
A5.08.04 Hospilite Human Albumin Solution 
20 human coagulation factor VIII  Wilate®
19.06 Hydrocolloid Pad 7 x 9 
19.06 Hydrocolloid Pad 7 x 9 
13.04 Hydrocortisone 1%, Clioquinol 3% Vioform-Hydrocortisone®
A5.02.02 Hydrofilm 
A5.02.02 Hydrofilm Plus 
A5.02.01 Hydrosorb 
A5.02.01 Hydrosorb Comfort 
18 Hydroxocobalamin Cyanokit®
20 Hydroxyamphetamine 1% eye drops 
20 Hylo-Care eye drops 
A5.07.03 Hypafix 
A2.07 HYPER LYS Anamix® Infant 
20 Ibritumomab tiuxetan 
20 Icodextrin solution 
A2.06.01 Il Pane di Anna®  
A5.08.03 imuDERM Bio Functional Garments® 
A5.03.02 Inadine  
19.15 Inadine 9.5 x 9.5 
20 Indigo carmine  
20 INDIGO CARMINE Injection 0.8 % 
20 Indigo carmine solution 
20 INDOCYANINE GREEN Injection 25 mg,50mg 
07.04.01 Indoramin 
A2.03.01 Infatrini Peptisorb 
A2.01.03.02 Infatrini® 
20 Injex needle free administration device 
A5.01.02 Insight Tracheostomy Dressing 
20 Insujet needle free administration device 
20 Insulin devices - Needle free 
A5.03.02 Iodoflex 
19.15 Iodoflex 10g 
19.15 Iodoflex 17g 
A5.03.02 Iodosorb 
A5.03.02 Iodozyme® 
20 Iohexol Omnipaque®
20 Iopamidol Niopam®
20 Iopamidol  Gastromiro®
20 IOPANOIC ACID Tablets 500 mg 
A2.07 Isoleucine Amino Acid Supplement 
A2.01.02.03 Isosource® Energy 
A2.01.02.01 Isosource® Energy Fibre 
A2.01.01.01 Isosource® Fibre 
A2.01.01.01 Isosource® Standard 
A2.07 IVA Anamix® Infant 
20 Ixabepilone 
A2.01.01.01 Jevity®  
A2.01.02.01 Jevity® 1.5 kcal 
A2.01.02.02 Jevity® Plus 
A2.01.02.02 Jevity® Plus HP 
A2.01.02.02 Jevity® Promote 
A2.06.01 Juvela®  
A2.06.01 juvela®  
A2.06.01 Juvela®  
A2.06.01 Juvela®  
A2.06.01 Juvela®  
A2.06.02 Juvela®  
A2.06.02 Juvela®  
A2.06.01 Juvela®  
A2.06.01 Juvela®  
A2.06.02 Juvela®  
A2.06.02 Juvela®  
A5.08.04 K- Lite 
A5.08.04 K- Lite Long 
A5.02.06 Kendall Calcium Alginate 
A5.02.06 Kendall Calcium Alginate Rope 
20 KETANSERIN Injection 10 mg in 2mL 
A2.03.02 KetoCal®  
A2.03.02 KetoCal® 4:1 LQ 
A2.07 KeyOmega® 
A5.08.08 K-Flex Long 
A5.08.08 K-Four Reduced Compression® 
A5.08.08 K-Four® 
A2.03.02 Kindergen®  
A5.08.08 Ko-Flex 
A5.08.08 K-Plus Long 
A5.08.08 K-Plus® 
A5.08.08 K-ThreeC®  
A5.08.08 K-Two Reduced ® 
A5.08.08 K-Two® 
20 Lactose powder 
A2.07 L-Arginine 
20 LAT gel 
20 Leicarbon A 
A2.07 Leucine Amino Acid Supplement 
A5.07.03 Leukoplast Sleek 
15.02 Lidocaine 2.5% with Prilocaine 2.5% EMLA®
20 Lidocaine/adrenaline/tetracaine LATGEL®
A2.06.01 Lifestyle®  
A2.06.01 Lifestyle®  
20 Lipiodol 
20 LIQUID PARAFFIN sterile light (25ml) 
A2.04.01.02 Liquigen®  
A2.06.01 Livwell®  
A2.06.01 Livwell®  
A2.06.01 Livwell®  
A2.03.01 Locasol® 
A2.07 Lophlex® 
A2.06.02 Loprofin®  
A2.06.02 Loprofin®  
A2.06.02 Loprofin®  
A2.06.02 Loprofin®  
A2.06.02 Loprofin®  
A2.06.02 Loprofin®  
A2.06.02 Loprofin®  
A2.07 Loprofin® PKU Drink 
18 Lorazepam 
20 Lorcaserin 
A2.07 Low protein / phenylalanine free foods 
A2.06.02 Low protein / phenylalanine free foods 
A2.07 Low protein / phenylalanine free foods 
A2.07 Low protein drink 
A2.07 L-Tyrosine 
20 Lubricating gel 
A5.02.05 Lyofoam  
19.10 Lyofoam 10 x 10 
A5.02.05 Lyofoam T SSL 
18 Macrogol '3350' Klean-Prep®
20 Mannitol Osmohale®
A2.04.01.01 Maxijul® Liquid 
A2.04.01.01 maxijul® Super Soluble 
A2.04.01.02 MCT Duocal®  
A2.07 MDUD express® 
A2.04.01.02 Medium-chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil 
20 Melagatran 
A5.02.03 Mepilex  
19.18 Mepilex 15 x 16 
A5.02.03 Mepilex Border  
19.18 Mepilex Border 10 x 12.5 
A5.02.03 Mepilex Border lite  
19.12 Mepilex Border lite 10 x 10 
A5.02.03 Mepilex lite 
19.12 Mepilex lite 15 x 15 
A5.02.03 Mepitel  
19.01 Mepitel 12 x 15 
19.01 Mepitel 5 x 7.5 
A5.02.02 Mepore 
A5.02.02 Mepore Ultra 
A5.04 Mesalt 
A5.03.01 Mesitran (Honey ointment) 15g 
A5.03.01 Mesitran S (Honey ointment) 15g 
18 Mesna 
A5.01.02 Mesorb 
19.13 Mesorb 10 x 15 
19.13 Mesorb 10 x 20 
19.13 Mesorb 15 x 20 
19.13 Mesorb 20 x 25 
19.13 Mesorb 20 x 30 
20 Methacholine solutions various strengths Methylcholine, Acetyl-β-methylcholine
18 Methionine 
A2.07 Methionine-free TYR Anamix® Infant 
20 METHOCEL 2% eye drops 
18 Methylthioninium chloride Proveblue®
20 Methylthioninium chloride methylene blue (Aguettant®)
20 Mibefradil 
20 MIDAZOLAM buccal  
08.02.04 Mifamurtide Mepact®
20 Miglustat 
20 Miltefosine 
A2.07 Milupa PKU 2-prima® 
A2.07 Milupa PKU 2-secunda® 
A2.07 Milupa PKU 3-advanta® 
A2.07 MMA/ PA Anamix® Infant 
A2.05.03 Modjul® Flavour System 
A2.03.02 Modulen IBD®  
20 MORPHINE 40mg/ml inj pfs 
20 MORPHINE 50mg/50ml syringe 
20 Morphine epidural 2mg in 10ml 
A2.06.01 Mrs Crimbles®  
A2.07 MSUD Aid III® 
A2.07 MSUD Anamix® Infant 
A2.07 MSUD Anamix® Infant 
A2.07 MSUD Anamix® Junior 
A2.07 MSUD Anamix® Junior LQ 
A2.07 MSUD cooler® 
A2.07 MSUD gel® 
A2.07 MSUD Maxamaid® 
A2.07 MSUD Maxamum® 
20 Mucaine  
A2.05.02 Multi-thick®  
09.06.07 Multivitamin preparations Abidec®
09.06.07 Multivitamin preparations Dalivit®
09.06.07 Mutivitamin Multivitamin BPC capsule
20 Mydricaine 
A5.01.01 N/A Ultra 
19.01 N/A Ultra 19 x 9.5 
18 Naloxone 
20 Naltrexone 
20 NeilMed Sinus Rinse 
A2.03.01 Neocate Active 
A2.03.01 Neocate Advance 
A2.03.01 Neocate LCP 
A2.03.02 Nepro HP®  
A2.05.03 Nestle ® Nutrition Flavour mix  
02.06.02 Nifedipine 
03.11 Nintedanib Vargatef
20 Nitazoxanide 
19.11 Non-Adhesive 10 x 20 
14.05 Normal immunoglobulin Subgam®
A2.01.02.01 Novasource® GI Forte 
A2.01.01.01 Novasource® Gl Control 
A2.02.02.02 Nutilis Fruit 
A2.02.02.03 Nutilis® Complete Stage 1 
A2.05.02 Nutilis® Powder 
A2.03.01 Nutramigen 1 
A2.03.01 Nutramigen 2 
A2.03.01 Nutramigen Puramino 
A2.01.03.04 Nutrini ® Energy Multifibre 
A2.01.03.02 Nutrini ®Multifibre 
A2.01.03.04 Nutrini Energy® 
A2.01.03.02 Nutrini® 
A2.01.02.01 Nutrini®Extra 
A2.01.03.01 Nutrini®Low Energy Multifibre 
A2.01.03.02 Nutrini®Peptisorb 
A2.02.02.03 Nutriplen®  
A2.01.03.01 Nutriprem 2  
A2.05.02 Nutriprem Breast Milk Fortifier (Cow & Gate) 
A2.01.02.03 Nutrison Concentrated 
A2.01.01.01 Nutrison Low Sodium 
A2.01.01.01 Nutrison Peptisorb 
A2.01.01.01 Nutrison®  
A2.01.02.01 Nutrison® Energy 
A2.01.02.01 Nutrison® Energy Multi Fibre 
A2.01.02.02 Nutrison® MCT 
A2.01.01.01 Nutrison® Multi Fibre 
A2.01.02.02 Nutrison® Protein Plus 
A2.01.02.02 Nutrison® Protein Plus Multi Fibre 
A2.01.01.01 Nutrison® Soya 
A2.01.01.01 Nutrison® Soya Multi Fibre 
A2.01.02.02 Nutrison® 1000 Complete Multi Fibre 
A2.01.02.02 Nutrison® 1200 Complete Multi Fibre 
A5.05.02 Oakmed Option Wound Manager 
A5.03.04 Octenilin® Wound Gel 
A5.03.04 Octenilin® Wound Irrigation Solution 
20 Octenisan®  
18 Octreotide 
22.02 Oilatum gel ® 
22.02 Oilatum plus® (anti-bacterial) 
20 Olaparib 
20 Optison 
A2.02.02.02 Oral Impact®  
20 Orascreen 
A2.06.01 Orgran®  
A2.06.01 Orgran®  
A2.01.01.01 Osmolite®  
A2.01.02.01 Osmolite® 1.5 kcal 
A2.01.02.02 Osmolite® Plus 
20 Otovent® 
19.06 Oval Pad 10 x 12 
19.06 Oval Thin 13 x 15 
19.06 Oval Thin Pad 10 x 12 
20 OXANDROLONE Tablets 2.5 mg 
20 Oxepa 
20 Oxitriptan 
A5.03.02 Oxyzyme® 
A2.01.03.04 Paediasure Plus 
A2.02.01.02 Paediasure Plus Juce 
A2.04.02 Paediatric Seravit®  
A5.01.01 Paraffin gauze dressing 
09.03 Parenteral Nutrition (TPN or PN) 
20 PAROMOMYCIN Tablets 250 mg 
A2.06.01 Pasticely 
A2.06.01 Pasticely®  
A2.06.01 Pasticely®  
A2.06.01 Pasticely®  
20 PATENT BLUE Injection 2.5% 
20 PEGASPARAGINASE Injection 3750 units in 5mL 
20 Pegloticase Krystexxa
18 Penicillamine Distamine
20 PENTOSAN POLYSULPHATE Capsules 50 mg Elmiron®
A2.01.01.01 Peptamen®  
A2.01.02.02 Peptamen® HN 
A2.03.01 Pepti Junior® 
A2.01.01.01 Peptisorb®  
A2.01.02.02 Perative®  
A5.02.05 Permafoam tracheostomy dressing 
20 pH indicator paper 
20 PHENOL (AQUEOUS) 5ML Injection 6% 
20 Phenol liquified BP 80% Phenoxymethylpenicillin 
18 Phentolamine 
A2.07 Phenylalanine Amino Acid Supplement 
A2.07 Phlexy-10® Exchange System 
A2.07 Phlexy-Vits® 
20 Phoxilium 
18 Phytomenadione Vitamin K1
20 PICIBANIL 100mcg inj 
20 Piperaquine with artenimol Eurartesim®
20 PIRENZEPINE 50mg tabs 
03.11 pirfenidone Esbriet®
A2.07 PK Aid-4® 
A2.06.02 PK Foods®  
A2.06.02 PK Foods®  
A2.06.02 PK Foods®  
A2.06.02 PK Foods®  
A2.07 PKU Anamix® Infant 
A2.07 PKU Anamix® Junior 
A2.07 PKU Anamix® Junior LQ 
A2.07 PKU cooler10® 
A2.07 PKU cooler15® 
A2.07 PKU cooler20® 
A2.07 PKU express® 
A2.07 PKU gel® 
A2.07 PKU Lophlex® LQ 10 
A2.07 PKU Loplex® LQ 20 
A2.07 PKU Start® 
20 Placebo 
20 Pollinex Quattro®  
A2.04.01.01 Polycal®  
20 Polydimethylsiloxane  
A5.02.05 Polymem Polystyrene Sulphonate Resins Calcium Resonium®
A2.04.01.02 Portifar®  
20 POTASSIUM ACETATE injs Potassium Chloride and Glucose Intravenous Infusion Potassium Chloride and Sodium Chloride Intravenous Infusion Potassium Chloride Concentrate (Sterile) Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride and Glucose Intravenous Infusion 
18 Potassium ferric hexacyanoferrate Berlin / Prussian Blue
20 Potassium hydroxide 
20 POTASSIUM IODIDE eye drops 5% 
20 Potassium Iodide solution 
20 Povidone-iodine 10 `/. in Boric acid insufflation 
20 Powerbreathe 
18 Pralidoxime chloride 
18 Pralidoxime chloride Protopam®
A2.01.03 Pre-Aptamil® 
A2.03.01 Pregestimil®  
20 Pregnancy tests 
A2.04.01 PreLoad 
A5.07.02 Premier gauze swabs 
20 PreOp ® 
20 PRILOCAINE (50ML) Injection 0.5% 
20 Primovist® 
20 Probiotic Actimel®
20 PROCAINAMIDE Capsules 250 mg 
A2.04.01.02 Pro-Cal®  
A2.04.01.02 Pro-Cal® Shot 
A2.06.01 Proceli®  
A2.06.01 Proceli®  
A2.06.01 Proceli®  
A2.06.01 Proceli®  
A2.06.01 Proceli®  
A2.06.01 Proceli®  
18 Procyclidine 
A2.04.02 Product Metabloic Mineral Mixture®  
A2.06.02 Promin®  
A2.06.02 Promin®  
A2.06.02 Promin®  
A2.06.02 Promin®  
A5.03.04 Prontosan Wound Gel 30ml 
A5.03.04 Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution  
20 Propranolol 
A2.04.01.03 ProSource® Jelly 
A2.04.01.03 ProSource® Liquid 
01.01 ProSource® Plus 
A2.04.01.03 ProSource® Plus 
A2.03.02 ProSure®  
18 Protamine Sulphate 
A2.04.01.03 Protifar 
A2.02.01.02 ProvideXtra® Juice Drink 
A2.07 ProZero® 
A2.03.02 Pulmocare® 
A2.06.01 Pure®  
A2.06.01 Pure®  
20 PYRIDOXAL 5 PHOSPHATE Tablets 50 mg 
18 Pyridoxine  
A2.04.01.02 QuickCal®  
05.01.07 Quinupristin and dalfopristin Synercid®
05.03.01 Raltegravir Isentress ®
20 RC cornet ® 
A5.04 ReCell Spray on Skin system 
20 Regadenoson 
A5.01.02 Release  
19.02 Release 10 x 10 
19.02 Release 10 x 20 
A2.03.02 Renamil®  
A2.03.02 Renapro®  
A2.03.02 Renastart®  
A2.02.02.03 Renilon® 7.5 
A2.02.02.03 Resource® 2.0 
A2.02.01.02 Resource® Dessert Energy 
A2.02.02.03 Resource® Dessert Fruit 
A2.02.02.01 Resource® Energy 
A2.02.01.02 Resource® Fruit 
A2.04.02 Resource® Optifibre®  
A2.02.02.02 Resource® Protein 
A2.05.02 Resource® Thickened Drink 
A2.05.02 Resource® ThickenUp Clear 
A2.05.02 Resource® ThickenUp®  
A2.03.02 Respifor®  
20 Resuscitation trollies 
20 Retapamulin ointment  
20 RIBOFLAVIN 50mg tabs 
20 RIFAMPICIN 300mg inj Ringer's Solution for Injection 
A2.06.01 Rizopia®  
A2.04.01.01 S.O.S®  
A2.04.01.02 Scandishake® Mix 
20 Secretin 
20 Shaker 
A5.02.03 Silflex 
A5.04.02 Silicone gel products 
A5.04.02 Silicone sheet dressings 
A2.03.01 Similac Alimentum 
20 Sinurinse®  
20 Sipuleucel- T 
A5.01.02 Skintact 
A2.05.02 SLO Drinks®  
A2.07 Sno-Pro® 
20 SODIUM ACETATE 40mmol/10ml inj 
18 Sodium bicarbonate 
18 Sodium calcium edetate 
20 SODIUM CHLORIDE 600mg caps Sodium Chloride and Glucose Intravenous Infusion Sodium Chloride Intravenous 
20 SODIUM CHLORIDE neb soln 5% 100ml 
20 SODIUM CHLORIDE nebuliser soln 4% 100ml  
20 SODIUM CHLORIDE Solution 7 % Nebules Nebusal® - see section3 now
20 SODIUM GLYCEROPHOSPHATE (10ML) Injection 21.6% 
20 Sodium hyaluronate Cystistat®
20 Sodium Hyaluronate Hyacyst®
20 Sodium Hyaluronate 800mg/50mL (1.6%), Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 1g/50mL (2%) iAluRil®
20 Sodium hyaluronate injection SportVis®
18 Sodium nitrite 
18 Sodium thiosulphate 
A5.07.01 Softdrape 
A5.01.02 Softpore  
19.03 Softpore 10 x 10 
19.03 Softpore 10 x 15 
19.03 Softpore 10 x 20 
A5.02.06 Sorbsan Flat  
19.08 Sorbsan Flat 10 x 20 
19.08 Sorbsan Flat 5 x 5 
A5.02.06 Sorbsan Packing 2g 
A5.02.06 Sorbsan Plus 
A5.02.06 Sorbsan Plus SA 
A5.07 Sorbsan probe 
A5.02.06 Sorbsan Ribbon  
A2.03.02 Souvenaid® 
20 SPECTINOMYCIN Injection 2 g 
20 St Johns Wort 
20 St Marks solution 
20 STANOZOLOL 2mg tabs 
A5.08.09 Steripaste 7.5 x 6m 
20 STIRIPENTOL caps 250mg,500mg 
20 SUCRALFATE 2g/50ml enema 
20 Sucrose 24% Sweat-Ease®
20 Sulfapyridine 
20 Sultiame 50mg tabs 
A2.06.01 Sunnyvale®  
A2.03.02 Suplena®  
A2.03.02 Supportan®  
A5.03.03 Suprasorb A + AG 
A2.01.01.01 Survimed® OPD 
20 Tacrolimus 
20 TALC BP purified sterile  
A2.06.02 Taranis®  
A2.06.02 Taranis®  
20 Taribavirin 
20 TAUROLIDINE Solution 2 % (nebulised) 
20 Taurolodine and Citrate 4% TauroLock®
19.06 Tegaderm 10 x 12 
19.06 Tegaderm 10 x 12 
A5.02.02 Tegaderm Film 
A5.02.04 Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Oval 
A5.02.02 Tegaderm IV  
19.04 Tegaderm IV 5 x 5.7 (for paeds) 
19.04 Tegaderm IV 8.5 x 10.5 
A5.02.02 Tegaderm with pad  
19.04 Tegaderm with pad 9 x 10 
19.04 Tegaderm with pad 9 x 15 
19.04 Tegaderm with pad 9 x 20 
19.04 Tegaderm with pad 9 x 25 
19.04 Tegaderm with pad 9 x 35 
A5.01.02 Telfa 
A2.01.03.02 Tentrini® 
A2.01.03.04 Tentrini®energy 
A2.01.03.02 Tentrini®Multifibre 
14.05.02 Tetanus immunoglobulin 
20 THALIDOMIDE Tablets 50 mg 
20 THEOPHYLLINE liq 50mg/5ml 
20 THIAMINE Injection 100 mg in 1mL 
A2.05.02 Thick and Easy®  
A2.05.02 Thixo-D®  
20 TICLOPIDINE 250mg tabs 
A5.02.05 Tielle Plus 
20 Timolol topical 
20 TISOPURINE Tablets 100 mg 
20 Tissue adhesive for epidural catheters 
A2.06.01 Tobia®  
20 Tolevamer 
A5.01.02 Trachi-Dress 
02.11 Tranexamic Acid 
20 TRANEXAMIC ACID Oral Solution 500 mg in 5mL 
20 Treprostinil  
20 TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE 0.1% in a protective emollient vehicle  Oracort®
20 Triamcinolone mouthwash 
20 Trisodium Citrate 46.7%  
A2.06.01 Tritamyl®  
20 TROMETAMOL (THAM) 125ML Injection 3.6% (0.3M) 
20 TROMETAMOL 0.3Molar (10.5ml) inj 
20 Trypan blue 
A2.07 TYR Anamix® Infant 
A2.07 TYR Anamix® Junior 
A2.07 TYR Anamix® Junior LQ 
A2.07 TYR cooler® 
A2.07 TYR express® 
A2.07 TYR Gel® 
A2.07 Tyrosine Amino Acid Supplement 
20 UBIDECARENONE & VITAMIN E (LIQ-10) Oral Solution 50 mg in 5mL 
20 UBIQUENONE 50mg VIT E 15iu/5ml Liq 10 
A5.08.06 Ultra Fast® 
A2.06.02 Ultra PKU®  
A2.06.02 Ultra PKU®  
A5.08.07 Ultra Soft 
A2.06.01 Ultra®  
A2.06.01 Ultra®  
A2.06.01 Ultra®  
A2.06.01 Ultra®  
A2.06.01 Ultra®  
A2.06.01 Ultra®  
20 Ultravist 
A5.02.03 Urgotul 
A5.03.03 Urgotul SSD 
20 Vacuum Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction 
A2.07 Valine Amino Acid Supplement 
04.02.03 Valproic Acid Depakote®
A2.02.02.03 Vegenat® -med Balanced Protein 
A2.02.02.03 Vegenat® -med High Protein 
20 Vernakalant 
A5.07.01 Vernon- Carus 
20 VertebroplasticTM Cement 
20 Vibro-Pulse® 
A5.08.09 Viscopaste 
A2.06.02 Vita Bite®  
A2.04.01.01 Vitajoule®  
A2.01.02.01 Vital 1.5kcal 
20 VITAMIN A Drops 150000 international units in 1mL 
20 VITAMIN A PALMITATE(AQUASOL A) Injection 50000 units in 1 mL 
09.06.07 Vitamin and mineral supplements Forceval ®
09.06.07 Vitamin and mineral supplements Ketovite®
A2.04.01.02 Vitapro®  
A2.05.02 Vitaquick®  
A2.04.01.02 Vitasavoury®  
20 Vitrimix® 
A2.05.01 VSL#3 (probiotic) 
20 Warfarin Suspension 5 mg in 5mL 
20 Water for humidification Water for Injection 
A2.06.01 Wellfoods®  
A2.06.01 Wellfoods®  
A2.06.01 Wellfoods®  
A2.06.01 Wellfoods®  
20 Whitehead’s Varnish 
A2.03.01 Wysoy® 
20 Ximelagatran 
A2.07 XLEU Faladon 
A2.07 XLEU Maxamaid 
20 XLS-medical fat binder Litramine
A2.07 XLYS Maxamaid 
A2.07 XLYS, Low TRY, Maxamaid 
A2.07 XLYS, TRY, Glutaridon 
A2.07 XMET Homidon 
A2.07 XMET Maxamaid 
A2.07 XMET Maxamum 
A2.07 XMTVI Asadon 
A2.07 XMTVI Maxamaid 
A2.07 XMTVI Maxamum® 
A2.07 XP Maxamaid 
A2.07 XP Maxamum 
A2.07 XPHEN TYR Maxamaid 
A2.07 XPHEN TYR Tyrosidon 
A2.07 XPTM Tyrosidon 
20 YOHIMBINE Tablets 5.4 mg 
A5.01.02 Zetuvit E Sterile 
20 ZINC SULPHATE 1mmol in 10ml inj 
A5.08.09 ZipZoc  
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital